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Dietary & Nutrition services are often aimed at providing patients with basic nutritional facts on how nutrients can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, in addition to specific dietary advice tailored specifically to every patient’s lifestyle, needs, and goals. At Sunface, we develop special programmes to ensure the wellness of our patients as they follow our dietary advice
 Weight Management
Weight Management helps to reduce the risks of certain health conditions and problems related to obesity by controlling the average intake of calories, proteins, and fibre.
 Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is not just beneficial to your body shape, but also to your overall health and maintaining a healthy way of life. In addition to a general diet, there are also diets specified for certain conditions for those who are affected by certain medical conditions.
 Body Analysis
Measuring the body composition to understand the factor contributing to the growth of an individual throughout their lifetime is a valuable and critical evaluation required.
 Specific Dietary Programs
As mentioned before, not every general program can be appropriate and healthy for an individual affected by certain medical conditions or following a certain lifestyle, which is why specific dietary programs are designed to help the patients with their dietary requirements to maintain their well-being and healthy shape. These programs can be designed specifically for patients who suffer from:
 Blood Pressure
 Kidney Stone
 Autism/ADHD
 Gall Bladder Stone
In addition, specific programs can be designed for infants and children, pregnant ladies and sports trainers and athletes that would cope with their required daily intake.