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Do you feel that the stress is getting to you? Is your body acting out against the rough use it goes through in your daily routine? The fast life that you go through can have a negative effect on the shape of your body. Bad eating habits and lack of proper daily exercise can lead to piling up in undesired areas. However, lipo-filling can be a great way to manage these fat deposits.

Lipo-filling revolves around managing fat in various parts of the body to get that perfect figure. Our surgeon will first take out the fat deposits from the unwanted areas such as the waistline or the hips. Next, after accumulating enough of the fat deposits, they will be transplanted into areas where mass is more desirable. The process will be conducted by our experienced surgeons who have done this a million times. The environment will be sterile and all measures are taken to make sure that the process goes without a hitch.

The results can be very spectacular and with multiple sessions, we can chisel you into a sculpture out of Michelangelo’s book. Not only will you look more shapely and fresh but the moving of fat from areas such as the hips, the thighs or the waistline can help you kill two birds with one stone. The process will require you to stay overnight at the centre and mild painkillers will have to be used by you. The side effects only relate to mild pain being experienced for up to a week after the procedure after which all such signs will be no more.

Still looking at the mirror? Just bring your hopes to us and believe. Believe that we are here to help you. Leave your dreams in our hands and let us take your worries away. You won’t regret it. Its finally time to leave your old self behind and enter the future.

Fat grafting (transfer)

To the face(cheeks, lips, wrinkles …) :
To the breasts (females)
To the buttock