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Rhinoplasty/Nose Job/Nose Surgery is a plastic surgery performed on the nose to alter the shape of nose either for medical or cosmetic purposes.

If you have breathing problems or you are unhappy with the current structure of your nose, rhinoplasty is the procedure you are looking for. Apart from following aesthetic and cosmetic advantages, rhinoplasty is also medically advised if you have breathing problems, or you broke your nose during cycling or any other adventure.

Rhinoplasty can make your nose look more symmetricIt can make your nose look more beautifulYou will be more confidentIt makes your first impression more impressive as whenever you meet someone nose is the first thing they notice about you is your nose.HOW RHINOPLASTY IS PERFORMED

Rhinoplasty is generally performed under local anesthesia. The surgery itself can be performed within one to two hours. There are two main types of rhinoplasty


As its name says reduction rhinoplasty reduces the size of the nose. With this type of rhinoplasty, you can opt for reducing the size of your nose or you can ask your surgeon to make specific areas of nose smaller like hump, tip, bump etc. Our surgeon will remove bone/cartilage to achieve the results you desire shape/size.


Augmentation rhinoplasty enlarges nose that is too small. It is used to increase the size of the nose or increase the size of specific areas of the nose. With augmentation rhinoplasty, our surgeon can increase the height of your nose bridge or increase the projection of your nasal tip to give you nose more beautiful look. A bone, Implants or any other registered safe/well-tolerated materials will be used for the additional framework.

To do both rhinoplasties there are two main approaches or techniques.


In open rhinoplasty the small surgery scar will be visible as our surgeon will make the incision on the external side of your nose, it will give him more access to your nose and cartilage.


Closed rhinoplasty is rather a scar free rhinoplasty. Our surgeon will access your nose from inside and make an incision there, He will have less access to nasal areas, cartilage etc but there will be no scar.


The recovery process is almost immediate, you can get back to work very next day bur swelling and bruising may last for 48 to 72 hours and may last longer. Apart from this you will also have to take following precautions for at least first few days

You should avoid smoking and drinking at least 3-4 days before and after surgery.You should avoid heavy physical work or heavy exercise.Don’t keep your head low for a long time, try to keep it up as much as possible.You can also use an additional pillow to keep your nose in upright position.Try to avoid coughing and sneezing. Smoking can also lead to coughs.Stay away from dusty placesRESULTS

Contrary to general beliefs Plastic surgery rather makes you look more beautiful and attractive, so you will have to be more realistic. Some results will show up right away while other changes can be seen in few days after your surgery.

Rhinoplasty is comparatively a safe surgery and achieves the best results. But there are several things you should consider to achieve the best results.

Choosing Surgery CentreChoosing SurgeonChoosing Post Surgery Care

And this is where we come in.


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