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  1. Very Low Calories Diet
  • You may lose 1kg – 2kg per week, but it’s almost water weight only. In the long run, VLCD aren’t more effective than healthy eating and doing physical activities.
  1. The Yoyo Diet
  • Some people follows the diet plan for weeks or maybe months, but after that, they will eventually go back to their unhealthy lifestyle. This is what we call the Yoyo diet. After few weeks, the body will start to resist any calorie changes by adaptation.
  1. High Protein Intake
  • Some Diet plans based the calories intake on proteins’ calories that can lead to sever issues in the kidney and liver. So it’s not recommended to follow this kind of diet.
  1. Constipation
  • It’s the main problem that you can face. An individual should consume at least 3 – 4 liters of water daily. Doing some exercise can also help like flutter kick, legs lifting, L-shaped tilting and squatting.

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