Ms. Ranna Husein

Nutritionist - Dietitian & Nutritionist

Bachelor’s degree: clinical dietitian and nutritionist from Petra University Amman, Jordan.

Medical clinic expert skilled in the following tasks:

Assessing patient nutrition and establishes nutritional care plan to meet those needs.
Reviewing patient’s medical records, evaluating the patient nutritional status and needs utilizing established standards for the patient’s diseased state.
Planning and recommending nutritional intervention where necessary and monitoring the effectiveness of planned Intervention.
Documenting nutritional intervention and care plan recommendations in patient’s chart.
Conferring with Nursing Medical and food services when required.
Calculating patient’s needs for enteral nutrition and determining optimal formulas from available resources.
Calculating and evaluating nutrient intake and developing a nutritional care plan.
Writing and alerting diet pattern based on individual patient’s needs to be used in writing menus and instructing patients.
Approving all menus including any modified diets.
Conducting in-service training on nutrition-related subjects for the department and other hospital staff.
Teaching the patients about therapeutic diets as prescribed on the assessment of educational needs.
Performing nutritional assessment & reassessments of patients as needed.
Evaluating & documenting patient’s caloric intake when on a specific diet.
Reviewing, adding & updating the dietary manual.
Documenting the patient’s response to the plan or cafe & education in the medical record.

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