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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Multiple elements contribute to hair loss in both men and women, and we at SunFace Medical Center provide high quality hair transplant service. As a professional hair transplant center in Dubai, we have the knowledgeable and experienced award-winning American Board-Certified surgeon, Dr. Seyed Abbas Ashrafzadeh. A hair transplant is a safe and effective alternative to restore hair growth naturally. In today’s day and time, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of individuals who seek to undergo this treatment. Hair plays a vital role in one’s personality, and hair loss can negatively impact your appearance. Through this procedure, you can feel confident about your appearance and also look younger. Several factors cause hair loss in men as well as women. It includes stress, low hemoglobin, deficiency in vitamins and minerals, poor lifestyle, family history and fluctuating hormones, among others.

What sets our clinic apart from other centers in Dubai is our availability of international standards at highly competitive prices. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled treatments and services. You must identify your expectations from the procedure before the process and also discuss them with the surgeon. You must understand that every hair replacement technique will use your existing hair. The aim here is to find the most efficient use of your existing hair follicles. There are several methods to perform this treatment, and it is crucial for you to go through them in detail before making a decision. Located near Jumeirah Lakes Towers, we welcome you to book an appointment with our certified surgeon.

Different Hair Transplant Methods


It involves a process that harvests a piece of follicle units from a strip from the safe donor situated at the backside of the head. Upon removing a part of the scalp, it is then sent to the graft cutting room. That’s where very efficient and high-end microscopes are used, mounted to an LCD screen, to clean and separate each graft, holding different hair strands. A highly trained team of technicians performs the role. In this routine, the damage caused to the graft is very low. Over the past several years, FUT has become a leading form of transplantation of hair. The process involves filling transplanted hair in thinning areas of the scalp, by using virtually undetectable incisions.


The process begins by extracting individual follicular grafts from the donor site with the use of minimally invasive technology. It creates tiny incisions at the site of each follicle. Typically, the donor site is located at the rear side, as that’s where hair growth is the strongest in comparison to other areas. Our highly trained technicians prepare the follicles with the help of a robust and high-powered microscope. This method doesn’t require stitches, which means there is limited visible scarring on the head.

Combined Method

Some individuals are at advanced bald stages, where only the rear and sides of the scalp will have tiny hair follicles growing. These individuals will require a massive number of follicular grafts through the hair transplant process to achieve sufficient coverage over their bald region. The notion of FUT and FUE combined came into being because it cannot be acquired by either technique alone. It is used when a large number of grafts are required. The combination of both methods will result in a high number of grafts, thus placing less strain on the donor area than pushing the limits of a single process.

Why Opt for Our Hair Transplant Service?


We are extremely confident in the hair transplant service provided by our expert surgeon. We achieve results that were promised.

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At SunFace Medical Center, we work as your trusted consultant, providing tailor-made solutions that meet your particular requirements.



Our team members offer complete dedication to delivering excellent hair transplant services to our customers.


We pride ourselves in employing and implementing the modern equipment in this field. It ensures that patients receive top notch service and results.

You may also consider undergoing a hair implant procedure, which offers prompt solutions to individuals experiencing balding and hair thinning. Additionally, natural hair doesn’t have to be transplanted or harvested.

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