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Liposuction Treatment Dubai

Liposuction Treatment Dubai


The removal of stubborn fat often needs more than just diets and exercise. It needs to be from the body in a controlled manner, which is possible through liposuction. In simple terms, liposuction involves a process of removing fat from your body through a suction method. It is one of the most widely known cosmetic surgery procedure for an aesthetic body contour. At SunFace Medical Center, we use some of the most advanced liposuction technologies in Dubai, including laser liposuction. Our American board-certified surgeon also specializes in tummy tucks, which is available after consultation with the doctor. The procedure starts from AED 7,999.  Through lipofilling, you can move fat from an unwanted region to other parts of your body. It includes enhancing and adding volume to areas such as your face, breast, or buttocks. Those who opt for lipofilling no longer have to rely on unnatural chemical fillers. You can turn sagging skin to a plump look.

However, you must note that liposuction is not to be mistaken for a weight loss or cellulite treatment procedure. It is done to remove stubborn pockets of fat in specific regions and improve the overall aesthetics of the body. Recent technological advancement has made the process easier and safer to perform. Given that it is a surgical procedure, it is vital for you to thoroughly understand the process and only then make a decision. It is suitable for adults within 30% of their ideal weight. Through the service offered at our clinic, we offer the lowest downtime post-procedure. Get in touch with us today for more information on how you can get rid of excess fat in your body.

Types of Liposuction Conducted By Our Experts

  • Chin Liposuction
  • Cheeks liposuction
  • Chest liposuction
  • Ankles and calves liposuction
  • Buttocks liposuction
  • Hips liposuction
  • Upper arms liposuction
  • Abdomen liposuction
  • Waist liposuction
  • Inner knees liposuction
  • Thighs liposuction

The surgeon will create a small incision in the area that has to be treated. A thin metal tube is then inserted into the fatty region, by incision, and performs a back and forth movement. Through this movement, the fat is rasped off in the tunnel and evacuated through a tube. It will either be attached to a suction machine or syringe. The suction tubes and gaps are then compressed by a compression garment, further creating a new figure. The treated area will then by strapped by an elastic tape of girdle. It minimizes bruising and swelling of the skin, and offers support, as it will be relatively loose. The girdle’s elasticated material applies even pressure on those areas that have been treated and evens the skin out. This process prevents sagging or irregularities that may cause on your skin.

Generally small in size, these incisions tend to disappear after two weeks. When large amounts of fat have been suctioned, the compression garment will help in the recovery process. It will enable the skin to conform to the reduced body figure. The process typically tasked 2-6 months.

To reduce excess skin, we may recommend a secondary procedure. In each surgery session, the maximum amount of fat removed is about 6000ccs.

Before the operation, you should be able to control your diet and weight. After the surgery is complete, your better-proportioned body will precisely reflect on the healthy and active lifestyle that you are leading. You will also experience mild pain once the effect of the anesthesia wears off, which can be controlled through walking and meditation. Most patients can also resume regular work in a few days, with minimum discomfort. You may notice the liquid dipping for a few days, which is considered normal for healing.

How Much Does the Liposuction Cost?

At SunFace Aesthetical Medical Center the cost starts from AED 10,000.

How Long Will I Have to Stay in The Hospital?

In case the procedure is performed under general aesthetics, the patient will have to stay for two days. In certain cases, you may only have to stay for a day.

When Can I Get Back to Performing My Regular Activities?

After a day’s rest at home you can perform light work. However, we would recommend returning to work after resting for two days. Light forms of exercise such as walking, is advisable only after 2-3 days of complete rest. Heavy activities on the other hand is not permitted until 3-4 weeks of rest.

Am I An Ideal Candidate for A Liposuction Surgery?

If you are over the age of 18 and are unable to get rid of excess fat through exercises and diet plans, you should consider this option. Additionally, those who aren’t suffering from any illness or disease may opt for liposuction.

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