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Stem Cell Therapy in Dubai

Stem Cell Therapy


Regenerative Bio Cell, an American Stem Cell Institution Joins the Sanface Clinic in Dubai to Offer Stem Cell Therapy.

RBC with an innovative group of American Clinicians has revolutionized the medical field by introducing and applying Stem Cells, one of the most novel advances in medicine to all types of therapies.

Stem Cell Therapy has several useful benefits such as it helps in Boosting immune system, cure Infections, Corona and increase immunity. There are several other benefits of Stem Cell Therapy.

What is Stem Cell Therapy:

Stem therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that functions by repairing the dead cells in the body by minimizing inflammation and modulating the immune system. This treatment is non-invasive and works to replace damaged cells in the body. The allogenic stem cell therapy can be systematically injected in the body via IV or locally targeting specific sites earmarked as having problems. This treatment works by invoking tissues’ repair through the paracrine effects or the direct cell to cell repair. The stem cells have the ability to migrate and attach themselves to areas that have damaged tissue, where they differentiate to form functional cells that replace the deceased or the damaged cells. Allogenic stem cells facilitate the regeneration of the tissues by creating a mechanism of cell renewal and differentiation; they support angiogenesis and promote tissues’ survival by lessening inflammation.


Stem cell therapy knee and to repair joint damage

Stem cells have been found to be effective in the treatment of joint injuries. When a person has a joint injury, the progenitor cells, primarily the mesenchymal stem cells, have been found to be effective in repairing degenerative cartilages. When the stem cells are injected in a person’s body or to a joint, the adult stem cells differentiate to form bones, cartilage, fats, bones, and tissue that the joint will need to heal (Brandt, 2020). The stem cells injected in the joint have the ability to address inflammation and degeneration in the area.  They can also modify the immune system in that area and has a favorable immune influence, thus facilitating the healing of the cartilage or the bone affected (Leavitt, 2020). The technique has been found to be more effective than injecting differentiated cells in the joint such as articular cartilage. Patient with Osteoarthritis and back pain can also get relief with Stem Cell Therapy


Boost the immune system by stem cells to prevent chronic disease and Covid-19

The stem cells act as a reservoir that stores the cells that divide to form new stem cells. The differentiated stem cells are vital for guaranteeing continued renewal.  They have the role of repairing the repertoire of blood cells that comprise the immune system cells, which are essential in fighting diseases. The cells also have a memory to fight returning infections, and thus it helps the body fight such infections in case of recurrence. The pathogens deposits marks on the DNA of stem cells around the genes vital for immune response. Thus, through this storage, the stem cells are able to boost the immune system. So stem cells not only can prevent serious disease like covid-19, also can help organisms to repair and recover from damage or side effects of chronic disease like Covid-19.


Stem cell therapy for sexual dysfunction

Stem cells have also been found to be effective in the treatment of sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. The process makes use of the allogenic stem cells and the growth factors that assist in achieving maximum enhancement. The stem cells are useful in the process as they help regenerate the erectile tissues, enhance the erection, better the sexual performance, and penis size. The process consists of two stages of harvesting the stem cells by using advanced technology. The processed components are injected into the person through a microneedle that helps put them in the right location. The process is effective and comes with little post-procedural therapy.


Rejuvenation the body by stem cells

Stem cells are able to produce new cells that are able to grow, regenerate, and repair the body by replacing the dead cells and tissues. Thus, they have an aesthetic treatment.  Allogenic stem cells are able to produce collagen, a substance that plays a vital role in rejuvenating the skin. Therefore, stem cells can be used for procedures such as reducing wrinkles, regeneration of the skin, neck, hands, and faces. The cells are used in combating alopecia, and atrophy of buttocks. Stem cells are involved in the restoration of organs such as bones, muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues, heart, and lung tissues. Therefore, the stem cells are crucial in promoting the rejuvenation of the body.

Stem cell: the better treatment than other chemical methods for rejuvenating the face

Many advantages are associated with the use of stem cells to rejuvenate the face instead of other chemicals. One of them is that the process of stem cell starts the rejuvenation process from deep within the body tissues.  Also the process is safe and does not have side effects, unlike chemicals that may have side effects on the person and may not cause regeneration in the skin’s deeper layers. The chemicals may not be suitable for all people; for example, they may not be ideal for the dark-skinned since the new skin color will differ from the rest of the body. Chemicals also come with a risk of scarring and reactivation of some infections.

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